#SpreadingSmiles – Secret to a positive life

What is the best way to move on? 

“Smile & Move On!”

Spreading Smiles is a beautiful campaign initiated by none other than Mc Donald’s. The only purpose is to keep smiling and make others smile to bring out the best in any everyone. Watch the #SpreadingSmiles video of Mc Donald’s here

Smile is a very poweful tool, friends. It’s contagious if you notice. You will find several people around you struggling and fighting against so many odds that we don’t even know and your just one smile towards them can change their mood in one second. What makes you smile? And how do you spread smiles? 

There are several things that make me smile but there’s only one special one, look at this video. 

My cat makes me smile. I adore him and am unnaturally obsessed with him. Worse the day is, his single cuddle and purrs make me feel so light. 

#SpreadingSmiles is such an interesting campaign by Mc Donald’s tbh. All you have to do is smile and make others smile. Then tag your friends to like your comment and make you win. This activity is to be done under the Mc Donald’s video. 

Mc Donald’s is always spreading smiles by providing the best ever food. May it be those fries, fried chicken, burger or Mc Flurry; everything is so delicious that it automatically pulls off a beautiful smile on your face. My all time favorite is fried chicken and Mc Flurry Cornetto Icecream. Everything about them is the definition of perfection. 

This love for Mc Donald’s and #SpreadingSmiles is just not limited to me, everyone loves them! 

Ramzan is going to leave us soon but we don’t want our smiles to leave us so keep playing an important role in #SpreadingSmiles and happiness and share love with everyone. 

#KLFLondon – Karachi Literature Festival goes abroad

Karachi Literature Festival has been a constant spiritual delight to many in Pakistan. From poetry to music, dance to discussions, there has not been a single art that has been skipped and the audience go crazy for the love of literature. This perfectly shows that the literature potential has never been dead. The good news is that Karachi Literature Festival made a tour to abroad. For the first time, Karachi Literature Festival made it to London and surprisingly, the tickets were sold within few hour.

Celebrating contemporary Pakistan and its rich history and culture in the context of the 70th anniversary of the country’s foundation, the Karachi Literature Festival (KLF) held at the Royal Festival Hall of the Southbank Centre, as a part of their annual festival Alchemy, was a resounding success. Dubbed as Pakistan’s biggest literary event, the KLF brought together writers, scholars, and artists from diverse backgrounds, creative traditions, and academic disciplines to showcase contemporary Pakistani literature and writers. Produced by Oxford University Press (OUP) Pakistan, KLF was organized in collaboration with the Southbank Centre, Bloomsbury Pakistan (a research collective based in London), and Rukhsana Ahmed.


The audiences at the KLF were treated to a medley of around 20 parallel sessions encompassing talks, panel discussions, poetry readings, mushaira, and performances. A stellar cast of around 70 leading Pakistani-origin and international writers, scholars, critics, journalists, and artists participated in stimulating sessions covering a broad range of themes, ideas, and subjects pertaining to Pakistan’s literature, arts, and culture. A separate strand for children which included an immersive theatre piece by Jungly Jadoogars; an animated film by the artist Fauzia Minallah; storytelling by the children’s author, Shahbano Bilgrami; and sing-along songs by the veteran Pakistani musician, Khaled Anam, were also a part of the festival.

KLF London started off with the renowned novelist and journalist, Mohammed Hanif’s keynote address giving unique insights into Pakistan’s history, hopes, and dilemmas. Earlier, at the festival opening, Ameena Saiyid, KLF and Islamabad Literature Festival Founder and Director, Asif Farrukhi, KLF and Islamabad Literature Festival Founder, and Adrian Mellor, Managing Director, Asia Education, OUP, welcomed the guests and speakers. Pakistan’s High Commissioner to UK, Syed Ibn Abbas also spoke on the occasion.

Some of the sessions held early on in the day included ‘Transphobia and Misogyny’, a discussion on legislations around transgenders and women in Pakistan; ‘Reluctant Returners: Migrants, Refugees and Memories of the Homeland’ in which Kamila Shamsie, Qaisra Shahraz, and Mirza Waheed explored characters and fictions inspired by exile and displacement; and ‘Pakistani Renaissance? The Best in Cinema, Reportage, Theatre and Fashion’ with the television actor Atiqa Odho, filmmaker Faris Kermani, designer Maheen Khan, and journalist Cyril Almeida as speakers.

Taimur Rahman, Moni Mohsin, and H. M. Naqvi weighed up the challenge of portraying Pakistan’s gender and class divide in the session ‘Blaming the Elite: Class, Greed, and Gender in Contemporary Pakistan’. Educationists, entrepreneurs, and experts including Farid Panjwani, Ahmereen Reza, Mona Kasuri, and Ameena Saiyid were part of a stimulating panel discussion titled ‘Madrassas and Montessoris: Are Private Schools Keeping Madrassas at Bay?’ moderated by Nigham Shahid.

In a panel discussion titled ‘Against All Odds: The Price of Prosperity in Pakistan Today’ held later in the day, Shuja Nawaz, Maleeha Lodhi, Ishrat Husain, and Victoria Schofield analyzed geopolitical and internal challenges facing Pakistan. In the session ‘Urdu ki Zid Mai: At Loggerheads: Urdu vs English vs Regional Languages’ Basir Kazmi, Ishrat Afreen, and Harris Khalique, and Asif Farrukhi discussed if Urdu in Pakistan is under threat from English or the regional languages.

The evening sessions comprised thought-provoking discourses on ‘Good Muslim, Bad Muslim: Diaspora Pakistanis Caught in Post Brexit Hate-Storm’, with Ziauddin Sardar, Farooq Bajwa, and Iftikhar Malik debating the challenges faced by Pakistani diaspora in Europe; ‘Karachi: City of Lights and Gangs’ with Laurent Gayer, Nichola Khan, Mohammed Hanif, Sobia Ahmad Kaker, Omar Shahid Hamid, and Kamran Asdar Ali talking about the battle for Karachi and its resilience despite political conflicts; and ‘Tweeting for Social Change: How Social Media is Influencing the Political Scene’ in which Huma Yusuf, Umber Khairi, and Umair Javed discussed the impact of social media on Pakistan’s political scene.

The highlight of the festival was the ‘Satrangi Mushaira’, which was an open mic session for Pakistan’s regional language poets to recite their latest offerings. Another session ‘In Their Own Words: Writers and Poets from Pakistan’, moderated by Muneeza Shamsie, featured poetry and prose readings by writers of Pakistani origin including Imtiaz Dharker, Aamer Hussein, and Zaffar Kunial. In ‘Partition Stories’ Nimra Bucha, Vayu Naidu, Shayma Saiyid, Amrit Kaur Lohia, and Sarah Ansari presented a medley of readings, film clips, recitals, dance and poetry about the Partition of India.

The evening came to a close by a kathak dance performance by Shayma Saiyid and a music concert by Khumariyaan, a Peshawar-based music band known for their fusion brand of Pashtun folk music.

Sponsorship support to the KLF London was provided by Bestway, Arts Council England, Third World Quarterly magazine, Salt n Pepper restaurant, High Commission of Pakistan in London, South Asia Institute of the University of Texas at Austin, and The Pakistan Society.


3 things everyone can learn from Tuscany Courtyard Islamabad to engage their audience

Social media activities are a great way to interact and communicate with your audience. In the last two weeks, Tuscany courtyard Islamabad did exactly that. Tuscany did some interesting social media activities to captivate their audience.

Here is the list if you missed any of those on Facebook:

Food photography challenge
Yes, you are reading it right! Tuscany Courtyard Islamabad held a food photography contest for its audience before Ramadan and guess what the winner got a free iftari from Tuscany


People took stunning photos of what was on their plate and participated by using hash tags #TuscanyIslamabad #CucinaItaliana #Tuscanyfoodchallenge.


Italian gestures, confusion, cheating and a lot of wrong Italian pronunciations. Did you see this one? If not, then check it out, NOW!
Tuscany challenged its customers to pronounce some of the trickiest Italian words and complied it in the form of highly amusing social media video.
People struggled most with Lasciare [la-scià-re], which means leave.
In any case, you have missed this one. People were asked by Tuscany courtyard Islamabad on Facebook to caption this amazing shot, with a reward of 5% discount for the winner.


Some of the captions were hilarious.

It’s still going on so you can still try your luck with 5% discount at Tuscany.
What do you think restaurants should do more things like that or not?

25 smiLAYs for every situation! 

And once again Lay’s is here to make us all happy by sendig out smiles!

Lays’s now introduced 25 different smile packagings, so we have a smile for every situation now. More smiles are spread by the new TVC. Have a look at it HERE
It has our favorite Shahid Khan Afridi, Imran Abbas and Momal Sheikh in sharing it with a smile. Some of the screen captures are here: 

The excitement is not only limited to this point, Lay’s truly believes on spreading smiles hence they are giving Samsung S7 Edge daily & Rupees one million weekly to #SayItWithASmile. If you want to be a lucky winner, follow these steps. 

  • Scratch the code on the back side of #SayItWithASmile Lay’s pack
  • Send the code to 9005 & win S7 Edge daily

  • Also, get a chance to win Rs. 1 Million weekly 

So coming back to the coolest thing and my most favorite one. We have legit twenty five smiles that means we can have a specific lay’s smile for every situation. 

A smile to flaunt in a shadi

A smile to scare the shit out of people

A smile for family 

A smile to save your wicket 

Or simply, your smile to spread smiles! 

Keep smiling with Lay’s and keep winning amazing giveaways from Lay’s. 

In the end,

Mothers’ Day with TCS Sentiments Express

So after a year this beautiful day is again around the corner, a day that is unable to describe its beauty and importance in words because this is exactly how we are unable to describe our mothers! 

For this year’s Mothers Day, TCS Sentiments Express has come up so many amazing deals to #GiveBack to your mother, the chunk of what she has been doing for us. 

TCS Sentiments Express started a contest that ends tonight (12th May, 2017) in which you have to recreate a happy moment when you got surprised by your mother and share it on TCS Seniments Express Facebook Wall to participate. 

The winners will be announced daily and will be given vouchers for free shopping for your mother through TCS Sentiments Express. 

There are many amazing items for Mothers Day in the collection of TCS SE. Look at these: 

Aren’t these just adorable? I’m to gift ferrero bouquet and the Tang gift basket to my Father if i win it. What will be your options?! 

Shan TVC highlights the most beautiful idea! 

Me: Baba, aap ne shan ka ad dekha?

Baba: Nahi beta

Me: Wo cheeni parosan wala

Baba: aray haan! Kaafi khoobsurat ad hai wo

This is how my father and my circle remember this ad of “cheeni parosi”. 

Sharing food with your neighbors and taking care of them is the basic rule and duty of every human being but sadly we are not really aware of our neighbors. But this #Shan TVC has brought up this really simple and yet concept of sharing, caring and spreading love for your neighbors and everyone has gone aww on it. Watch the TVC here

So let me share my story with you. I was born in Lahore but I was raised up in Rawalpindi. Till I was eighteen, we shifted to Islamabad and it’s been three years we are living here. 

Rawalpindi was full of hustle and i and joy. I lives in a muhalla of Tipu Road and had our home on the main road. Pindi boiz and their bikes, a 24×7 welding machinery noise, chatters, and every other noise was a part of me. Everyone in our area treated each other like family. No one was unsafe because everyone was there to help and i was so used to of this system that shifting to Islamabad caused me a real-life depression. I had no friends here, no noise here, nothing. 

In pindi i used to spend most of the times home alone and I never had any issues because whenever i needed any help, every aunty and every uncle was always there to help but that wasn’t the same here in Islamabad. We barely knew who lived with us. No one knows who lives next to your house in Islamabad and that was kind of sad. I didn’t even know who lived on the ground floor and who lived in the basement of our building. Until one day when i was home alone cooking and decided to share some with the neighbors. 

And that very day, I made Haleem and shared with my neighbors. Got to know how amazing they are and some them have really adorable kids.

My adorable neighbor

And now we are in really good terms and we all take care of each other alot. 

Recently i received a gift hamper from Shan which has these items

And now I’m legit dying to cook some biryani and share it with my neighbors ^_^ 

Digital Youth Summit Powered by Jazz Kicks off to Help Realize Pakistan’s Digital Potential

Peshawar – May 4, 2017 – The 2017 Digital Youth Summit (DYS), a joint initiative of the KPITB and the World Bank and powered by Jazz, kicked off in Peshawar today. KP’s Digital Strategy was also unveiled to provide a roadmap for KP to equip young people with the skills, access, and markets they need to secure and create jobs in the knowledge economy. Around 4000 people are expected to attend the discussions and workshops to discuss a wide range of topics from e-commerce to digital security in Pakistan. The weekend of tech will culminate in a Startup Cup for young entrepreneurs to showcase their business ideas to investors. “KP takes digital opportunities for our people very seriously and wants to be a leader in technology. This strategy through sound policies and reforms will set a road map for us and we shall announce initiatives to support this over the next few days,” said Dr. Shahbaz Khan, Managing Director of the KP IT Board. “We’ve already launched programs to attract investment such as the CPEC corridor and other infrastructure and private sector initiatives and hope to build on these foundations with our private sector and development partners.”
“The digital strategy encompasses inputs from a wide range of groups including government departments, the private sector, and organizations such as the World Bank, making it as relevant and robust as possible,” said Khan. “As we implement it, we will continue to refine it based on feedback and experience to keep it relevant and cutting edge.” Ms. Aniqa Afzal Sandhu, Chief Digital Oficer, Jazz said that not only the local populace, but the country at large benefits from such positive endeavors: “Our country is ripe with talent and has a remarkable pool of digital innovators who are looking for opportunities like these to present their ideas. This partnership is a testimony to Jazz’s commitment of fostering a conducive environment where the digital ecosystem can thrive in Pakistan.”

The World Bank has been providing technical assistance to the Government of KP and has assisted in the development of the strategy and has also developed a trust fund for the KPIT to implement projects. The relationship is in its third year and Mr. Patchamuthu Illangovan, World Bank Country Director for Pakistan said, “Digital economy is the future. It’s a driver of innovation and entrepreneurship than can boost inclusive and smart development in Pakistan. Over 80 percent of Pakistan’s population is offline. Closing this gap will create new job opportunities for the millions entering the labour force.’ said This year’s summit is organized by the KP IT Board and the World Bank Group and is powered by Jazz, supported by USAID, and sponsored by the Tourism Corporation of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, UNDP, Bank of Khyber, Gloria Jeans Coffee, March Designs, Pakistan Telecommunications Authority, the Multi-Donor Trust Fund for KP, FATA and Balochistan, Codematics, and Animation Republic.


In Peshawar: (Fahad Khan) KP IT Board Media Representative. info@kpitb.gov.pk

Key Pointers for Journalists: 

 The Summit has evolved from bringing together the next generation of digital innovators since 2014, to helping map out Pakistan’s digital future and transforming Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) into an emerging technology hub.  The summit brings together top local and international entrepreneurs and technologists as well as companies and investors, to share knowledge and experience while training and investing in the youth of KP.  To sustain and leverage the summit’s momentum, KP Digital Strategy is also presented at the summit to provide a roadmap for KP to equip young people with the skills, access, and markets they need to secure and create jobs in the knowledge economy.  The strategy encompasses four pillars 

o digital access

o digital governance

o digital markets

o digital skills

 Digital Access emphasizes the effective use of digital technologies such as using the internet to find services and jobs, and being able to discern between accurate and false information.  Digital Governance focuses on how technology can promote better services, efficiency, and innovation. 

 Digital markets focus on a creating and maintaining a conducive environment for digital growth and seeks to address barriers in policies and regulation to attract and foster investments.  Digital Skills will help equip young people with the tools and knowledge to improve their abilities and competitiveness in the global market.

Learn More:

Digital Youth Summit (DYS) Website: http://www.worldbank.org/southasia

DYS on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/worldbanksouthasia

DYS on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/worldbanksasia

#DYS17 hashtag: https://twitter.com/hashtag/DYS17?src=hash