6 Things about your friend that make you say #TerhaHaiPerMeraHai

Friends; we all are blessed to have our friends around us. May it be your best day or your worst day, you know you have your that friend(s) with you. They all say friends make you sentimental but tbh, they make you sentiMENTAL!

Here’s to those times when you totally can tell anyone that #TerhaHaiParMeraHai


1) When you tell him something really important and get this response

giphy (1)

Whether it’s something important you want to tell him or it’s about sharing something bad that happened, you will always get the first reaction with a funny face or a huge laughter followed up by an advice.

2) When they become your pir and teach you how to ‘bae’ your potential crush

giphy (2)

From on point nakhra to on point nakhray uthana, from on point pray boy to on point play boy, he will tell you what to do where and on what time.

3) When you both have your sarcasms ON FREAKING POINT

giphy (3)

4) When they support you on your silliest ideas

giphy (4)

You: Hey I wanna dress like a washing machine and roam around the roads like a dog

5) When they save you a seat after creating a drama

giphy (5)

You know they are your pakkay dost if you guys have this untold bro code of always saving each other a seat even if you have to create a whole drama on it.

6) Regardless of high scorers, you know they’ll choose you as their project partner because friends before grades



Bros before hoes, brother from another mother, sister from another mister and what not. Friends are there to be a part of your life and make it a worthwhile.


Pakistan’s favorite food platform ‘EAT’ returns with its 5th edition – ‘Islamabad Eat’! So #DONTSPEAKJUSTEAT

Pakistan’s biggest food platform ‘EAT’ is set to return with its 5th edition with the introduction of Islamabad Eat from 10th to 12th November 2017 at Jinnah Convention Centre Islamabad followed by Lahore Eat and Karachi Eat – So #DONTSPEAKJUSTEAT.

The brain child of CKO Event Architecture, now in its fifth year running this annual event has become the largest food Festival in the country and draws in a crowd of over 100,000 people. Eat festivals focus on details which no other festival would consider. The purpose behind it is of course to create an experience which is as inclusive as possible whilst maintaining the original concept.

Consisting of hospitality Lounges, bare spaces, food i.e. Kiosks – mini cafes – stalls, live music, kids’ activities / Play Area to name a few, indeed, the EAT is an annual food festival built around the idea of creating a common platform for people who love food. From the most creative and talented chefs to the street vendors, the EAT is a festival which celebrates the full diversity of food that these cities have to offer.

On the return of the platform Omar Omari – Director of CKO Event Architecture has said: “As with almost all our events and work, our festivals have been designed keeping higher objectives in mind. Whether it is about showcasing the best of what our country has to offer or creating a platform by which all of us can be proud.  Since their conception the purpose for holding these festivals has been about bringing people together, creating a feeling of hope and reactivating the public spaces around our cities. Food just happens to be the least controversial element and the binding force between all of us. We have always said that it is our humble mission that we will change our city and country one event at a time”

CKO Event Architecture is one of the largest innovative design and production firms in Pakistan. Everything we do is bound by a simple 3 phase approach: Concept, Strategy and Realization. Having over 15 Years of experience with managing and conceptualizing mega events, including Bollywood tour Shows in U.S.A, Fashion Pakistan Week FPW, Conferences in Dubai, Turkey, Thailand, Malaysia, China and U.S.A, International / local concerts and much more. It is safe to say that CKO EVENT ARCHITECTURE are trail blazers in the event management industry and in a short span of time have managed to transform the face of events in Pakistan.

For further details please visit:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/IslamabadEatFoodFestival/, https://www.facebook.com/LahoreEat/ & https://www.facebook.com/karachieat/,

Instagram:@islamabadeat @lahoreeat @karachieat

Jazz bids farewell to one of the best employee. Shahbaz Maqsood Khan – you will be missed

Shahbaz Maqsood Khan, the formidable Director Brands and Communications of the biggest telecom brand of Pakistan, Jazz has moved on to newer avenues.
The portfolio of his achievements during his two-and-a-half-year stay is very impressive. Under his leadership, Jazz overturned its slide into becoming the market leader in terms of sales and subscriber growth. He architected and executed the re-emergence of Jazz as an umbrella brand to different verticals and setting the course for its digital ambition.
Within the organization, he was instrumental in removing red-tapism and creating a more productive, effective and streamlined marketing department. Handling the media, he brought in cost-effective and fruitful strategies to make Jazz a brand on top on everyone’s mind. He expanded the brand’s scope from being a mere commercial entity to a more altruistic corporation with a purpose. A marketer par excellence, the brand won PAS awards year after year under him.
WhatsApp Image 2017-10-24 at 5.21.44 PM.jpeg
Mr. Khan led the way to the highly successful collaboration with Lahore Qalandars which led to the world’s largest cricket talent hunt initiative Jazz Rising Stars. The award-winning initiative has changed the fate of aspiring cricketers who are bringing fame to the country. He played an instrumental role in the merger between Jazz and Warid and its ongoing transition, making it the most loved digital company. Fearless and strategic, Shahbaz Maqsood Khan has played a pivotal part in the launch of Veon, a global platform that is changing digital lifestyles of Pakistanis.
Diligent, dedicated and a thoroughly experienced professional, Shahbaz Maqsood Khan has been a great asset for Jazz and his expertise would be missed.

Fun City invited Na Maloom Afraad 2 cast for some FUN!

We all are very well aware of NMA 2 success! But just before the NMA 2 was released, the cast had a Pakistan tour and visited Fun City too!

Since everyone was waiting desperately waiting to see the cast, the host kicked some amazing tasks. People from crowd came and sang songs, Mr. Mayor made kids dance like crazies and we all went nuts over NMA 2’s songs. Especially, Chal Hug Le.

Later, the cast joined and sang their amazing rap. Hania, Mohsin and Fahad rocked the stage and made the crowd go all crazy. Not just this, before joining the stage they were also posing with their fans in Centaurus with their legit Sheikh photobooth.

Even Fahad ended up saying whatever the cities say to each other no one can deny the massive love from Islamabadis *laughs at 9:00 PM*

Here are some of the pictures from the event!





Is doing house chores really a failure?

Being a media student, I have read feminism in depth. I repeat, IN DEPTH, and sadly what people have made it now is pretty much what is causing its destruction.

Feminism rather empowers both genders. But according to pseudo feminism, it’s only men bashing. What we fail to understand is that both genders are equal in one way or the other hence feminism is important.

Teeny tiny example: Men are supposed to be strong. True. But men are not strong enough to tolerate the pain of labor. On the other hand, women are weak. Yes. but when it comes to labor, they are stronger than men because they give birth. Similarly, men aren’t supposed to cry, why? because they aren’t women. Don’t you think it’s more of a torture for a person to not cry and hide his emotions? Feminism kicks this mentality out hence leaving behind benefit of both genders.

Women are supposed to do all the house chores and stay at home looking at children. She is not BOUND to that. But if it’s her choice to stay at home looking after her children and taking care of her family then it’s #NotAFailure it’s her concern for her loved ones. Same goes for the male gender.

National Food brand beautifully depicted this concept in their ad and people loved it. Including me. Because that was for the first time someone actually talking sense on television.


We personally showed gratitude and much love to our working family members. Since I do not have a mother so i just hugged my father and thanked him for everything. Again guys, it’s not about the gender it’s about the care and love

Bowl the #HungerOut with XI World Beating Deals by foodpanda

Long queues for grabbing tickets, arranging screens, calling over friends and family – homecoming of international cricket with Pak vs. World XI has taken the entire nation on cloud nine. And to large up the festivity of this much-awaited cricket season, foodpanda brings together cricket and food with their XI World Beating Deals starting today.

No one knows better than the panda how we Pakistanis love food just as much as we love our cricket and thus they managed to hit the boundary with an interesting list of XI world beating deals named after our favourite cricket stars. Whether a Sarfaraz fan or a Sammy’s supporter, there is a perfect deal for everyone! Our hot favourites for the season include:

Sarfaraz Deal – A flat 10% off on Kababjees

Amir Deal – Half of calzone, white sauce & 1.5 litre soft drink from New York Pizza for just Rs. 749

Hassan Deal – 12” pizza & 1 litre drink from Takeout Pizza for just Rs. 799

Fakhar Deal – Karhai, naan and sides for 5 from Desi bites for just Rs. 849

Perera Deals – 2 amazing combos with up to 45% from 24 Wall Street

Amla Deal – A flat 30% off on Pizza M21

That’s not it. You can check out the entire list of foodpanda’s XI World Beating Deals here. foodpanda’s CEO, Mr Nauman S Mirza said, “Pakistan versus World XI Cricket series signifies the comeback of international cricket in Pakistan. Certainly, we all are excited about it, as cricket is very close to our hearts. And to make the celebration grand, we offer to be every Pakistani’s official food partner for this international cricket event.”

So, while you sit in front of the screen cheering for your favourite cricket hero and the hunger strikes, simply play a hook shot by ordering some piping-hot pizzas, burgers and desi delights at up to 45% Off from your favorite eateries from 12 to 15 September, 2017 across Pakistan.

Sooper Hai Pakistan!

This 70th Birthday of Pakistan was a little bit more than just a special one. Do you know why? Because, Pakistan proved itself to be ‘Sooper’ once again by hitting a Guinness World Record!

So it all started when EBM realized that they need to do something to prove that ‘ waqayi, Sooper hai Pakistan’ and to turn their idea into practicality, Peek Freans Sooper came forward to do something excited.

On 14th August, 2017, at IBEX Club, Islamabad; something huge and historic happened.

250 Pakistanis
Source: Peek Freans Sooper

250 Pakistanis joined biscuits to biscuits to make the world’s biggest flag.

Source: Peek Freans Sooper

With 150,000+ Sooper Cookies in exclusive new colors of patriotism, green and white; this world record came into being. The new exclusive biscuits were exciting with these colors but there was no single difference in the taste, explains its authenticity itself.

Source: Peek Freans Sooper

These cookies weren’t thrown away after the world record was made. These cookies were donated to four different charities. And for this purpose, it was kept hygienic from every aspect. Those handling it wore plastic bags and all other people stayed away at a great distance. I, personally, have witnessed it myself.

Source: Peek Freans Sooper

In the time period of 06 Hours, 35 Minutes and 55 Seconds, Pakistan created a world record making us all really proud.

We spotted some amazing figures from Pakistan Industry too.

Osman Khalid Butt & Hareem Farooq


Younis Khan 20767909_1651432598200338_4069639704053238845_n

Ali Rehman


Anoushey Ashraf




and many more!


Here’s a sneak peak to what happened on the 70th birthday of our beloved Pakistan!


What else makes Pakistan Sooper? Share with us!