Zameen mili banjar, dost milay ..

If you are not surrounded by friends who make sure your life gets miserable with their pranks but are always there for you when something goes wrong, then trust me you don’t know what real friendship is.

And in order to celebrate this type of friendship, Lay’s is always there to add their factor. From Masala flavor to Yogurt & Herb, Lay’s has always been a part of our lives implicitly. Be it our long drives in rain to our favorite dhabas, singing Noori and Strings in the cars blasting our tonsils, pulling each others’ legs, or stressing before exam because even after an all-nighter we still didn’t memorize anything; we have always found ourselves munching on Lay’s and grabbing a soda to calm ourselves because food always calms us down.

Once I proved to be a total ditcher-of-the-group when I, myself, planned a meetup with my friends at Second Cup, Centaurus and on the very day I forgot. I was sleeping peacefully when my friend called and told me they are waiting for me and I went like “WHAAAAAAT?”. I told them I won’t go and apologized. After 5 minutes, I felt bad so I got up, got all fresh and ready and ran to Centaurus. I went to the cafe and my friends were shocked to see me as few minutes ago I refused to come. They were happy but angry as well, obviously. So i bought my food which had Lay’s on the side and I gave them the Lay’s. They got happy and we were back to normal, so I TELL YOU, Lay’s do save you at matters 😛

How do you celebrate Lay’s and friendship?


A Place in Capital that sells decants of fragrances

A person who smell really good is 100x attractive automatically – Well, I have no clue if that’s someone’s saying or not but at least it has my staunch belief.

It’s just not about making someone attractive, I guess fragrances are overall a very crucial part of lives. Perfumes, colognes, air fresheners, mouth fresheners and etc are definitely a part of our routine shopping, no? I mean, there are people who are particularly very much obsessed with their fragrances. For instance, my sister. Her dreamland would be a place full of perfumes for FREE. Because obviously having a hobby or obsession is easy but maintaining it is really difficult because it needs money and we do not have money hanging on the trees unlike our parents told us as sarcasm.

So while strolling here and there (digitally), I stumbled upon a facebook page called Fragrance Lab d’Islamabad. To the fancy name, I thought it might be selling international branded fragrances and all but to my surprise it was exactly like that but in a very unique manner. The page sells decants.


Decant, in simplest terminology, is a split. Like in ancient times, wine was poured into smaller containers in order to share. Similarly, perfumes are provided in decants so you can carry it well around, also won’t charge you a lot, and you can reuse it.

How do they work

So let’s say there’s a perfume bottle of 100ml that you want to buy and it costs you 15,000 PKR. You can either buy it spending your precious 15000 PKR or you can play safe. You can buy a smaller amount let’s say 20ml of the same perfume and end up spending only 3500 PKR. Seems nice, right? Also, even if you are ready to spend 15000 PKR, with decant you can buy multiple fragrances in the same amount instead of just one.


Since I have this really bad habit of checking reviews from customers on facebook page, I went through their reviews and those were really good. Let me share some of them here

  • It was a first time I ordered a perfume from this page. To my surprise it was a great experience . The order was delivered on time and the fragrance was fresh as it lasted long. I would definitely recommend to try this as it is worth trying and a great value for the economical prices
  • It’s my dream product in affordable price.Excellent customer service.Pick a shipment in a day.Highly recomended and most demandable product in our country.Would definitely use again.I want need a product montly but my life style is better than other years life style.Let’s go change your life style.
  • Reliable page and very cooperative management, they have original decants in a reasonable price.

Perfumes on their page


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How to order

To place your order simply whatsapp or call at 0302 5566669. You can check out their page by clicking here.


After all, fragrances can build up your overall aura and can also carry messages. Or they just are very enjoyable. It is always very nice to play with fragrances, isn’t it? while you keep experimenting till you find your kind of fragrance.

Woman films with ‘Women Through Film’

Film making is an art of expression, an art through which we can express our thoughts in an open canvas. For hard but for others, it is their way to express. As Lake Bell says:

“Filmmaking is a huge privilege; it’s not brain surgery. It’s art, and art is supposed to be an enjoyable process, and it is an enjoyable experience for me.”

Pakistan is not at all behind the film making. Recently Pakistani Film Industry has started producing a good number of successful hits every year, a road to golden path has been started. Not keeping it slow, several International Film Festivals have taken place that occur on yearly basis. Unique of all them is Women Through Films Festival, a festival solely for women empowerment.


It’s unique because it’s the only of its kind. Women Through Films project is founded by Madeeha Raza – who has been working on film and documentary for last three years. Women International Film Festival came out last year for the first time. This year, it’s planning to get better and bigger.

WIFF embraces women and their ideas and provides a platform where they can showcase their art. As Marion Cotillard said once:

“Filmmaking is not about gender. You cannot ask a president in a festival like Cannes to have, like, five movies directed by women and five by men.”

WIFF 2018


This year WIFF is going to be huge and more talent filled. It’s going to be a two day event with workshops on the first day. That means if you are totally into film making but don’t know where to start, WIFF is here to save you.

Workshops will be conducted by Parwaaz Film Lab. Film experts from Europe will join us here to talk about story telling and film making. It’s free of cost so you really don’t have to hesitate while registration. Click Here to register.


The second day will comprise of screening of the films and documentaries produced by talented film makers around the globe. It will also follow the panel discussions world’s renowned personalities ALONG WITH FREE FOOD!! Now you know your reason for not missing it out, right?

You are just one form away from attending this amazing event. Let’s get together to celebrate the women talent and applaud on their freedom of expression. After all, we are here for each other. It’s always Women for Women :’)

Other relevant details are present here:


Peshawar Zalmi – Not just a PSL Franchise, a hub to philanthropy

Peshawar Zalmi is the most popular team among all the other franchises of Pakistan Super League. Also, not to forget, they are still the champions flaunting with their trophy and making Pakistan proud around the globe.

This is something really basic and almost everyone knows it but have you ever dug into the whole brand of Peshawar Zalmi? I bet you not. While having a conversation with a group of people, I tossed them a similar question. The answers were surprising because not even a single person thought that Peshawar Zalmi is not just a PSL Franchise but A LOT more than that. The moment hit me so I decided to write this blog for the people because this is something you all really need to know.

About Peshawar Zalmi


Peshawar Zalmi is T-20 franchise and plays for PSL. It represents Peshawar, capital of Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa province of Pakistan. It is owned by Javed Afridi – CEO Haier. Zalmi’s current captain is Darren Sammy (West Indies) and the head coach is Muhammad Akram.

Peshawar Zalmi – The Champions


Winning the second franchise of PSL, Peshawar Zalmi proved itself to be the champions of PSL. Remember the viral celebratory pose Sammy when he took selfie (or at least posed to 😛 ) and when Kamran Akmal was literally and figuratively, ON FIRE. Yes, all these moments are related to the Zalmi Victory.

What else?

The information mentioned above it the information that majority of the people know. But there’s a lot more to it. Let’s have a glance.

Zalmi School League

Street cricket is counted as a tradition or culture in Pakistan. We believe that majority of the youth learn pure cricket from street cricket matches and watching matches. But have you ever thought that putting a defining edge to this can result in a blessing? Javed Afridi thought the similar. He collaborated with KPK Government and initiated Zalmi School League. It turned out to be fruitful and a very fine talent was found with more furnish required and they will rule the cricket in coming future.

Zalmi Foundation

Zalmi Foundation is an initiative by Mr. Javed Afridi who aims to help nourish and nurture cricket in best possible way. This Foundation relates to the philanthropy and welfare of cricket. Zalmi School League was its one of the initiatives. There are many more as well.

Women Empowerment Project


Not just children empowerment, Zalmi Foundation has also conduct Women Empowerment Projects to empower women who has cricket passion in their blood.

Diwali Program

A two day event was conducted by Zalmi Foundation in collaboration with UNHCR to show the message of love and peace among Hindu minority present in Pakistan. The aim was to deliver the message worldwide.

Zalmi Global


Zalmi Global is a program by Zalmi Foundation which aims to establish the awareness of Peshawar Zalmi globally. It is working hard to bring the cricket community globally together and spread the positive image of Pakistan. Till now, Zalmi Global has succeeded in getting 33 teams from 20 countries, covering 5 different zones of the globe.

Benoni Zalmi


Benoni Zalmi is also an initiative of Zalmi Global. It is a T20 cricket franchise for T20 Global League in South Africa. The team is led by De Kock and has three Pakistani players in the team.

Chinese Players in Peshawar Zalmi in PSL3


The most exciting news Peshawar Zalmi threw after becoming the champions was introducing two Chinese players in the team for the third edition. Jian Li and Yufie Zhang has joined the team and are super excited to play for Peshawar Zalmi. Mr. Javed Afridi has yet again proved it to be Mr. I-Want-Better-Things-For-Pakistan by celebrating and putting a factor of Pakistan China Friendship in next franchise.

Last but not the least, the amazing personality Mr. Javed Afridi himself


He has always thought and shown to be a very patriotic humanitarian. Remember taking Shaukat Khanam Cancer Patients to PSL Matches? Remember that PSL Trophy’s visit to APS Peshawar? It’s not just a franchise for Mr. Afridi, Peshawar Zalmi is much more than that to him. It’s like his own baby for which he has been creating more and more opportunity so the baby and other people around him can get benefits

Baaghi – Still don’t know how to take it

I still remember July 15th, 2016 when I woke up at jumma with dried up throat and scorching sunlight directly into my eyes from my window. It was due to the intense July weather that even our ACs weren’t working properly. To divert my mind and as per the habit, I checked my phone which was full of notifications and the top most was from Facebook Messenger, my friend’s message was on the top with text “Qandeel Baloch murdered by her brother“. It was weird, shocking, numb and so many other emotions all mixed trailing down my spine.

A little Background to what I felt for Qandeel Baloch when she was alive

Qandeel Baloch’s videos went viral but I was a lager in following up with it. I found her videos super weird with that fake accent and heaviest make up. In the start, I was one of those people who made fun of her. In fact, hated her. In the mid of all her popularity, I started getting less bothered by her. I started laughing with her and not at her. I used to watch her videos once a while and just like it away.

The time when Qandeel’s real identity was revealed, I still remember I was so furious on media for ruining it for her. Being a media student myself, I have learnt ethics of journalism and it was completely unethical. Showcasing her sensitive information like passport, ID card, nikkah nama and etc, it was all wrong. She appeared in some talk show and agreed to it and told everyone how brutally she was abused by her husband and the whole story. At that moment, for the first time she had my heart. Escaping from abusive spouse is really a big thing, that too from the background she belonged. It’s not just about Qandeel, any other woman who escapes an abusive spouse, she has my heart. Bravest Deed.

Then came the Maulana Qawi case where she revealed his hypocrisy which was declined by Maulana himself. I appreciated Qandeel on my social media platforms. I did joke on Maulana tho. But I remember telling my sister, Laraib, that she must have made Maulana cried because damn it, she legit shared the video on social media in which he is specifically asking her not to post it. I don’t remember which incident took place first but these two were in line.

July 15th, when I got to know the honor killing of Qandeel Baloch all of a sudden, I was numb while my hands were shivering. Honor Killing always gives shivers. Social media feed was flooded with her recent pictures, bruised face, swollen lips and eyes, tied up hair. SUCH A SHOCK. I came out of my bed and my sister came running to me and told me the same. I looked at her and told her how brutal this is. Whatever she did, murdering her was not a way.

While I went to fresh up and came back, i started scrolling through my twitter and it creeped me out as some wannabees were still joking on her death while some were happy that she died. My heart clinged more. I started following up her news on Twitter with her hashtag and each new update killed me inside. Not just Qandeel guys, it was every woman with dream who was killed that day.

The world was mourning that day. But sadly, we are yet to have a line between right and wrong. The people who were praying for her to die were now supporting Qandeel Baloch and were glorifying her deeds. In that all chaos, I shared my view. My view was that whatever happened with Qandeel is definitely wrong. No one in this world has a right to snatch away your life just for the sake of a man made caste or sects. But we should not forget that what she did was not a right path. She didn’t have any resources and no one to help her to complete her dreams hence she chose this path. It was our fault that she chose this path. Please stop glorifying her wrong deeds. And as usual, a heavy backlash was received.

We, people, are very weird. Trust me. Everyone forgot Qandeel Baloch but then Baaghi, a drama by Urdu 1 happened.

Baaghi – Review

I am not at all a drama watching person. It’s either watching the new episode of Game of Thrones or repeating random episodes of F.R.I.E.N.D.S. Last week due to disrupted sleep patterns, I was unable to sleep and it was 5:30 in the morning. Scrolling through Twitter, I saw a tweet related to Baaghi’s last episode and I was like, let’s watch it then. I watch first fifteen episodes in a go and then went to sleep. The rest thirteen I watched the next day and that’s how I ended it in two days.

I never liked Saba Qamar before but her acting in Baaghi made me her fan. So it started with Fauzia Batool’s home which is exactly it was in real. It follows up with depiction of the character of Fauzia, how rebellious and fierce she was by nature. It shows how Fauzia is an open minded girl who loathes society’s double standards and patriarchy. She falls in love with Abid (Ali Kazmi) who has recently came back from Dubai and has a cosmetic shop near her house. While Fauzia’s parents try to marry her to Fauzia’s sister-in-law’s brother forcefully and she runs away. She grants help from Chaudhery Sahib, the opinion leader of the village and with their help she grants permission to marry Abid.

Fauzia gets pregnant and gives birth to a baby boy. Later she gets to know that Abid has been cheating on her. She confronts him and he divorces her. With no help from family and in laws, she leaves the house on the final fight where he divorces her again. She leaves to the city from where she received modeling offer from an agency. There she makes friends with Rehan (famously known as DJ Khalid). In that roller coaster ride of getting into the elite class and modeling and all the rejections, she realizes it’s not easy to survive here. She starts making videos on various incidents that media show against her like the reality game show, singing competition and etc. She gets famous on social media in literally one day or two that make her demands high. While struggling in the career, she meets Shehryar (Osman Khalid Butt). Shehryar is a widower whose wife and child had died in a car accident. He falls for Fauzia Batool and clearly declares that he has no issues with Kanwal Baloch as he loved Fauzia Batool.

Busy in tackling all the obstacles in her life, Fauzia finally finds a way to the right path. She plans to marry Shehryar and gives all the authority to Rehan. She goes to visit her family for Eid for the last time. On the very night, her brother comes up with drugged milk glass. She drinks it and feels dizzy while he pins her nose and strangles her to death.

What’s good?

I loved this drama. Saba Qamar’s acting along with Ali Kazmi, Osman Khalid Butt, Sarmad Khoosat and DJ Khaled’s were so good. There was so much depth in the characters. I loved how they indulged into their characters and legit made indulge in it too.

The OST. Such a powerful OST Peera ve peera ve peera main ho jaun na Baaghi sung by the versatile singer Mr. Shuja Haider. It touches not just your heart but your soul deeply. In fact, I am writing this down right now while listening to the OST.

It was loaded with so much emotions that everyone who hated her now can realize how worse they were. Including me. We take a second to judge a person but never care what have they been going through?

It also gave us a chance to open our eyes to acknowledge the digital space, a space where everyone has a right to do anything they want regardless of what do you want. You don’t like something, don’t watch it. Simple is that.

Also, it teaches one most important life lesson of never being always available for anyone. She loved her family, she did everything for her family and in the end, it was her family who killed her. When not even your family is trustworthy how would you trust anyone else? Also, it shows how sometimes relations are not from blood but from heart.

What’s not good?

The startplus effects in some of the scenes. Made me puke. Remember that over acting wali aunty to gives place to Kanwal to live in her hostel? That aunty.

The storyline. It was not solely Qandeel’s life. They took two or three incidents from her life else were just something weird. Why would they make BRIGHT KAREN ISSAY Qandeel’s scene? They did. Weird.  They made Kanwal looked the most bichari-est person ever. That’s not correct. I agree her life must have been miserable but what was shown in the drama was like, I don’t know, the worst.

Again the same point, they glorified her way. The way which was not right. The way which should’ve been corrected by us.

Maulana Qawi’s incident was not even touched a little in the drama. It was indeed the major incident that played a role in Qandeel Baloch’s death and the drama didn’t even have a single scene related to it. Worst decision ever. Coward act tbh. Very coward.

How I was affected?

It took me some days to get normal. It actually affected me really bad. I couldn’t stop thinking about how Qandeel would have suffered when she was being strangled. How heartless people can get just for the sake of the sects that wasn’t even made by Allah. Remember what Qandeel’s brother said while confessing? He said he killed Qandeel because of her social media videos, her videos were bringing shame to Baloch caste.


Since, I am still listening to Baaghi OST, here’s Asim Azhar’s cover of Peera ve Peera Launches Online Train Booking Services. Train Bookings Are Now Just a Click Away

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Talking about this brand new addition to Pakistan’s biggest online travel portal, CEO Shazil Mehkri said:

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